Entry requirements

To apply for SCICOMM Master you should have a bachelor’s or higher degree awarded in Italy, or equivalent degree from a recognized University.  You can apply even if you are un undergraduate student on the condition that you earn your bachelor’s degree before the 25th of September 2018.

All students commencing the programme are expected to demonstrate competence in the english language.

We accept application from Italian citizens, citizens of non-EU countries living abroad, citizens of the EU and non-EU citizens living in Italy.


The total course fees for entry to SCICOMM Master in 2018 are € 2750,00. These fees are the same for both Italy  and international students and cover tuition for the year.

You will have to pay your tuition fees in two installments: € 1375,00 on acceptance of your application after passing the selection procedure, and € 1375,00 by 28th February 2019. Fees are non-refundable.

The Master will offer one scholarship of € 1375,00 to the first classified candidate.  A second fellowship of € 1350,00 will be offered by FBK-IRVAPP to  cover the second fee installment.

  Selection procedure

Admission is based on an evaluation by a committee composed by three members chosen from Master’s Consiglio Direttivo.  The Admissions Committee evaluates whether you  fulfill the entry requirements, and weighs your academic record and scholarly activities, and the statement of purpose.  The evaluation is carried out by allocating points in accordance with the following criteria:

• Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum : Max 80/100 points
• Statement of purpose: Max 20/100 points

To be eligible you must obtain a minimum score of 50/100 points.  In the event that two or more candidates obtain the same score in the ranking list, preference will be given to the youngest.

The result of your application will be published here by 31th May 2018. If you are successful you can then pay your fees.

  When to apply

You must submit your complete online application between 5th March 2018 and 25th May 2018. Candidates must upload the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae in English. Please use the  ‘European’ template (Download template);
  • Transcript of records including a list of all courses, exams and marks awarded (attach an official translation if this document is not in Italian or English);
  • statement of purpose – brief personal statement in English in which the candidate supports her/his application (max. 1 page);
  • declaration of good knowledge of English language;
  • copy of passport (only pages relating to personal information) or identity card.

It is imperative that you submit a complete application, uploading all requested documentation, through our online application system.

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