The Master in Communication of Science and Innovation will be completely online.
As we know that it can be challenging to focus and maintain the self-discipline needed to study remotely, we mapped out a plan to help you have a positive experience and be one step closer to earning your degree (see below).

Not sure that online learning will be the right choice for you?
Look at the video produced by our students. It’s about the pros and cons of online learning, but most importantly it is a practical example of one of our online team activities

How the courses work

We will offer different online learning experiences: synchronous and asynchronous:

  1. Video live-streaming classes (synchronous online learning).
    Synchronous classes will be scheduled to keep global students in sync regardless of time zones.
    All class sessions will be recorded as a backup in case some students can’t attend due to issues with time zones or internet connectivity.
  2. Pre-recorded classes (asynchronous self-paced learning)
    Lessons are organized into three weekly modules that will cover different topics through videos, presentations, readings and exercises. You can log in to the course and complete activities throughout the week at your own pace, at the times and on the days that are most convenient for you. At the end of each course, live events will be scheduled at specific times, to answer the students’ questions.

Staying motivated

We will start a chat on Slack to connect with you before the course begins or shortly after to clear up any questions you have about the syllabus or requirements and to enable students to connect among them.

We feel that establishing a relationship with you early on will help you build trust and understanding throughout the term, especially since you may not be able to meet in person.

During the term, from time to time we will schedule online meetings as well, to stay in touch with you and/or to coordinate more formal study group opportunities where you can participate in sessions organized by us, with a facilitator leading the discussion.

"Meet the SciComm Pros" PROGRAMME

Representatives of research centres, science museums, media and companies meet SCICOMM students to present their activities. Students can get familiar with the recruitment process, labour market demands, and work or internship opportunities. Students will also have the opportunity to discuss skills, competencies that are required for successful integration in the field of science and innovation communication.