Internship program

Curricular internships take place within February and May each year, the minimum duration is 250 hours. They consist of the placement of the student at a public or private institution in Italy or abroad, to carry out practical activities in line with the educational objectives of SciComm Master.

Internships offer an excellent opportunity to gain insight into a job, Company and industry. During an internship, students will work on a communication project agreed upon between the intern, the Host Organization and the coordinator of the SciComm Master program. Working students can intern at the Company where they’re working.

Even if many employers use internships to fast track potential candidates for job openings, internships do not represent, or imply, any employment relationship with the Host Organization.  To know more about the internship projects read the students’ project reports 

When looking for an internship, interns may use University’s Career Resources or research and contact potential employers directly.


Internships remain mandatory in e-learning mode and require interns to complete 250 clock hours over a two months period within the second semester (Usually February-May).
At the moment we are able to assist our students in finding an internship only in Italy, but we allow international students to complete the internship in their Country provided that they find themselves the internship. For international internships, in fact, we can assist students only with the administrative procedures and not in finding them.

Some of the internship opportunities available:

Italian and/or English language


Internship location: see open positions

Blum Comunicazione
Internship locations: Padova, Bolzano

FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler 
Internship location: Trento

HIT – Hub Innovazione Trentino
Internship location: Trento

Immaginario Scientifico
Internship location: Trieste

Observa Scienza e Società
Internship location: Vicenza

Open Fiber 
Internship location: Rome
Language of internship: Italian only

Parco Archeologico di Populonia
Internship location: Piombino (LI)

Internship location: Modena

Provincia Autonoma di Trento 

  • Dipartimento della Conoscenza, Internship Location: Trento
  • Dipartimento organizzazione, personale e affari generali, Internship Location: Trento
English Language



Due to the COVID19 emergency internship programmes abroad are suspended.

Abisko Scientific Research Station 
Internship location: Umeå, Sweden

Science Gallery International
Internship location: Dublin (other possibilities: London, Detroit, Melbourne, Bangalore)

Sense about Science EU London, Dublin and Brussels
Internship location:  Brussels, Belgium

Unesco | Division of Science Policy and Capacity Building
Participatory Engagement with Scientific and Technological Research through Performance Project
Internship location: Paris, France

Job and internship opportunities abroad

Global Placement
Eurodesk Opportunity Finder