Meet the committee



Massimiano Bucchi

Massimiano Bucchi (Ph.D. Social and Political Science, European University Institute, 1997) is Full Professor of Sociology of Science and Communication, Science and Technology at the University of Trento and has been visiting professor in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. He is the author of  several books (published in more than twenty countries) and papers in journals such as Nature and Science.
Among his books in English: Science and the Media (Routledge, 1998); Science in Society (Routledge, 2004); Beyond Technocracy (Springer, 2009); Handbook of Public Communication of Science and Technology (new ed. 2014, with B. Trench, Routledge) and the 4 vols. anthology The Public Communication of Science (Routledge, 2016). He is the editor of the international peer reviewed journal Public Understanding of Science (Sage) and regularly contributes to newspapers and TV programmes.


Cristina Rigutto

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Cristina graduated with a MSc in Economics and she holds a Professional Master’s in Science Communication.
She  has 30 years of marketing and communications experience in diverse industries ranging from engineering  to professional services, where she produced persuasive content to educate and drive engagement.
Since 2010 she specialized in digital communication of health, research, and innovation, and – bringing a blend of media relations, marketing and communications skills coupled with teaching experience – she pursued a consultancy career establishing her own practice.
Since then she has worked with several universities and research centers, both in Italy and abroad.
Since 2016 she is social media editor at the international peer reviewed journal Public Understanding of Science (Sage), and Tech Writer focusing on the use of digital technology to improve science communication.


Stefano Oss

Stefano Oss is associate professor in Physics Education and Head of the Physical Science Communication Laboratory, Department of Physics, Università di Trento. He has been a Visiting Researcher, Yale University, New Haven, CT, 1990 (with Franco Iachello) and Visiting Assistant Professor,
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, 1993 (with Giacinto Scoles)


Lorenzo Beltrame

Lorenzo Beltrame is Lecturer at the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the Trento University, where he teaches Sociology of Innovation and Sociology of Globalization. Previously he was Research Fellow at Egenis – The Centre for the Centre for the Study of Life Sciences, University of Exeter (UK).


Michela Denti

Michela Alessandra Denti obtained her PhD in Biological Sciences in 1997 from the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Italy.
Since 2008 she is Principal Investigator of the Laboratory of RNA Biology and Biotechnology at the Centre for Integrative Biology of the University of Trento, Italy, first as Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology (2008 – 2014) and then as Associate Professor of Applied Biology (2014 – present).
Her laboratory has two main research interests: modulation of RNA splicing as a cure for inherited diseases and microRNAs as biomarkers of cancer, cardiac and neurodegenerative diseases.
Research in her laboratory was/is funded by grants from Telethon Italia, the Italian Ministry of Health, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, and the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Scientific Committee

Carlo Casonato | Claudio Giunta  | Alessandro Rossi  | Massimo Sideri | Giorgio Vallortigara | Dino Zardi


Lisa De Rossi
Lisa is a TV journalist and a health and wellness communications professional, with a broad range of experience encompassing
consulting on communications and conference panels moderation.