Associate Professor in Genetics




Paola Bellosta is an Associate Professor in Genetics @CiBio (University of Trento),and adjunct Associate Professor at the Dept of Medicine and Endocrinology @NYU Langone Medical Center-New York. She graduated in Biology at the University of Milan, and started her career as scientist in USA, first at New York University then at Columbia University and returned to Italy in 2014.
Her lab uses Drosophila melanogaster as model system to study the mechanisms that control cell growth and to dissect the metabolic processes that control cell survival. Her work has been funded by National and International Agencies, and published in peer review journals.
She has experience, both in USA and in Italy, on teaching from basic science to scientific writing, and was always actively involved in the divulgation of Science to the Public, particularly to Students from Middle to High-School and over.