This workshop covers all the essential aspects of growing a successful science blog. Students will:
  •  analyse the diverse blogging styles
  • build a reader persona an define a niche or target audience
  • create the name and visual identity of the blog
  • get started on building a WordPress website
  • understand how Search Engines work and learn some basic SEO tips to drive traffic to a blog
  • write engaging and ethical posts from a Journal article
  • learn best practices for creating compelling content and images

INSTRUCTOR: Cristina Rigutto
Former Managing Director of Intuic Social Media Agency based in New York, since 2016 Cristina is  the blog editor of the peer reviewed Journal “Public Understanding of Science” edited by Sage


scicomm workshop visual
In this workshop students will be introduced to the design and creation of visual summaries of the information contained within an abstract. These visual abstracts are a powerful means to disseminate research on social media, boosting an article’s exposure and facilitating communication between peers and with the public. Students learn how to:
  • Apply basic design principles to create a proper visual abstract
  • Use visual thinking to give structure and hierarchy to the data and information you want to present
  • Explore the different tools and strategies to create and use visual summaries

INSTRUCTOR: Jacopo Sacquegno
Jacopo is a biologist and a visual thinking practitioner, working with hand-made visualization to communicate science and its processes. He is the creator of the ScienSee project and the co-founder of the graphic facilitation agency Visual Teams


scicomm workshop theatre

This workshop will delve into the theory and practice of storytelling applied to science
communication. Students will be guided in the development of their own science-
centered story and will be provided the tools to deliver it to the audience in an
effective way. In the process, students will:

  • Learn the fundamental ingredients that make up a story
  • Develop the Themes linked to the given Scientific Topic to be developed
  • Build a story structure able to support both the Topic and Themes
  • Learn to narrate the story to a given audience
  •  Understand how to apply the techniques of Storytelling in different
    communication environments
INSTRUCTOR: Andrea Brunello
Scholar, playwright, director and actor, Andrea has a Ph.D. in Physics. He works at the boundary between theatre and science, creating original works that have been performed all over Europe and beyond. He is the co-founder and director of Jet Propulsion Theatre.


Scicomm Workshop podcast
Attendees will learn the production process of radio reporting and podcasting and the difference between the two media.
They will then listen to various radio reports to compare the different language and storytelling techniques, and learn the main guidelines on radio editing.

INSTRUCTOR: Marina Lalovic
Marina Lalovic is a journalist working at Rai (Radiotelevisione Italiana), Radio Rai 3, where she is one of the hosts of Radio3Mondo, a radio show focused on a news from around the world, international press review, stories, interviews and on-the-spot reporting including highlights.