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The Master in Communication of Science and Innovation (SCICOMM) is a one-year programme offered by the University of Trento, Department of Sociology and Social Research. Read more

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Do you wanto to learn more about admission requirements, including application deadlines,  financial aid options, and fees?  Read more or download the call for applications.

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Apply online via the UniTN application portal. Our programme starts in September 2019 and there is a specific international admission round between 25th February  and 29th April 2019.



Digital Reputation Management & CV

Preview A few slides Course Details Students will learn how to brand (or rebrand) themselves for the job they are looking for and how to establish an online personal brand with…

Laboratory life

Course Details The course aims at giving a general but concrete introduction to what researchers do in life sciences and biomedical laboratories, and how they need to communicate their research…

Writing about science and innovation

Course Details This training will equip students with practical communication skills through fast-moving discussions,  experiential exercises,  case studies, articles, interactive exercises, and small group activities. Students will put the newest techniques into practice,…

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Master Scicomm

Guest Lecturers

Talking science, telling stories

Brian Trench
Il capitale semantico nell'era digitale
Luciano Floridi
Being a scientist: yesterday and today
Steven Shaping

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