Internship program

Curricular internships take place within February and May each year, the minimum duration is 250 hours. They consist of the placement of the student at a public or private institution in Italy or abroad, to carry out practical activities in line with the educational objectives of SciComm Master.

Internships offer an excellent opportunity to gain insight into a job, Company and industry. During an internship, students will work on a communication project agreed upon between the intern, the Host Organization and the coordinator of the SciComm Master program. Working students can intern at the Company where they’re working.

Even if many employers use internships to fast track potential candidates for job openings, internships do not represent, or imply, any employment relationship with the Host Organization. 

When looking for an internship, interns may use University’s Career Resources or research and contact potential employers directly.


Internships remain mandatory in e-learning mode and require interns to complete 250 clock hours over a two months period within the second semester (Usually February-May).
At the moment we are able to assist our students in finding an internship only in Italy, but we allow international students to complete the internship in their Country provided that they find themselves the internship. For international internships, in fact, we can assist students only with the administrative procedures and not in finding them.

Our alumni have taken an internship at:


Biblioteca Scientifica dell’ Ex Ospedale Psichiatrico
Pergine Valsugana, Italy

Centro Studi Giorgio Levi Cases
Padova, Italy

CIBIT – Coimbra Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Translational Research
Coimbra, Portugal

CIBIO – Centre for Integrative Biology
Povo (TN), Italy

CNR – Istituto di biochimica e biologia cellulare
Napoli, Italy

Cocoa Research Centre
Trinidad & Tobago

CORILA Consorzio per il coordinamento delle ricerche inerenti al sistema lagunare di Venezia
Venezia, Italy

Esplora Interactive Science Centre
Kalkara, Malta

FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler
Povo (TN), ITaly

Fondazione Edmund Mach
S. Michele all’Adige (TN), Italy

Fondazione Pezcoller
Trento, Italy

Forest Foundation
Manila, Philippines

IZSVe Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie
Legnaro, Italy

Manila Observatory
Quezon City, Philippines

NOI Techpark
Bolzano, Italy

Observa Scienza e Società
Vicenza, Italy

Politecnico di Milano
Milano, Italy

Università di Trento
Trento, Italy


Badisches Landesmuseum
Karlsruhe, Germany

Chichiri Museum
Blantyre, Malawi

Immaginario Scientifico
Trieste, Italy

MUSE Museo della Scienza
Trento, Italy


Areaderma Srl
Baselga di Pinè, Italy

A.N.SVI. Srl Accademia di Neuropsicologia dello Sviluppo
Roma. Italy

Arditodesio – Jet Propulsion Theatre
Trento, Italy

Arnold Vuga Communication Agency
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Blum Comunicazione
Bolzano, Italy

DW Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster
Bonn, Germany

FoodHub Srl
Cesena, Italy

IN srl
Udine, Italy

Level Up
Trento, Italy

Open Fiber
Rome, Italy

Modena, Italy

Provincia Autonoma di Trento 
Trento, Italy

Trentino Comunicazioni
Trento, Italy