SciComm Master Committees


Management Committee

Massimiano Bucchi, Director
Cristina Rigutto, Coordinator 
Alessandro Rossi | Lorenzo Beltrame | Michela Denti

Scientific Committee

Carlo Casonato | Claudio Giunta  | Alessandro Rossi  | Massimo Sideri | Giorgio Vallortigara | Dino Zardi



SciComm Master core modules


Lorenzo Beltrame
Innovation: economy, policy & communication 

Alberto Brodesco
Science on screen

Andrea Brunello
Science storytelling & Podcasts

Massimiano Bucchi
Science & technology in society: Key concepts

Lucia Busatta
Law, ethics, science, and technology (life sciences module)

Matteo Busso
AI & beyond

Stefano Campostrini
Evaluating health, science and technology

Carlo Casonato
Law, ethics, science, and technology (AI Module)

Michela Denti 
Laboratory Life 

Elena Milani
Visual Communication of Science on Digital Media 

Sara Moraca
Communicating environmental issues

Cristina Rigutto
Communicating Science and Technology in the digital outlets

Alessandro Rossi
Communicating innovation to investors & stakeholders

Lucia Salvadori
Communicating risk

Marta Tomasi
Law, ethics, science, and technology (life sciences module)

Fabiana Zollo
Understanding social dynamics in the digital age

Professional Workshop (updated yearly)

Professionals | Year 2023

Angelo Ghidotti
Disease awareness campaign

Federico Guerrini
AI Tools for Journalism

Jacopo Sacquegno 
Drawing as a tool for scicomm

Patrizia Soffiati
Building an editorial plan

We extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all the exceptional professionals who have collaborated with the Master, teaching in our seminars and workshops. Your unwavering commitment to sharing your expertise, passion, and knowledge has enriched the learning experiences of our students, leaving a lasting impact on their personal and professional growth.
Thank you for being an integral part of our mission to inspire and educate.

Martin W. Angler, Attila Bruni, Gabriele Beccaria, Elena Canadelli, Giovanni Carrada, Marco Castellazzi, Trevor Cox, Luciano Floridi, Felice Frankel, Stefano Gattei, Claudio Giunta, Tia Kansara, Marina Lalovic, Michele Lanzinger, Silvia Lazzaris, Annika Moberg, Fredrick Moberg, Giuseppe Pellegrini, Lorenzo Pinna, Annalisa Porrelli, Antonio Pratesi,  Elisabetta Tola, Brian Trench, Ilaria Vacca, Roberta Villa.