Course Features

Language English
Hours 20
Assessments Yes


The interactive seminar introduces participants to various techniques used by entrepreneurs and startups to present innovation to investors, stakeholders, and customers.
A fundamental challenge faced by entrepreneurs and startups at various stages of development of a business idea is represented by communicating effectively, both in oral and written form. Elevator and investor pitches, executive summaries, investor slide decks, business plans are the most common tools used to the ultimate goal of convincing investors, at the various stage, that a business idea has potential and is worth to be pursued.
In the workshop, students will learn the basics of startup jargon, concepts and techniques, and will be tasked with the development of a comprehensive communication strategy for an innovation project.


Alessandro Rossi (PhD in Organisation and Management, University of Udine, 2000) is an Associate Professor of Management at the University of Trento.
He is the Chief of Contamination Lab Trento, the interdisciplinary innovative learning environment offering various extracurricular educational formats focused on creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and problem-solving.
He has research interests in innovation management, business modelling and managerial decision making.