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Language English
Hours 12
Type Workshop


You cannot manage what you cannot measure. It is an old saying in business sciences. We will try to develop, thanks to theory, examples and project works, the essential skill in the measurement process, useful for evaluating science, health and technology.
Starting from scratch, we will work on the methodology and practice to build a “good” questionnaire, on how to integrate different sources, collect data and eventually analyse and present the results.


Stefano Campostrini is full professor of Social Statistics at the University of Ca’ Foscari of Venice (Italy) and Director of the Center for Governance and Social Innovation.

His main research interests are in the application of Statistics as support to decision making processes, particularly concerning health and social policies and interventions. This interest has brought to the collaboration and to the leading of several researches concerning evaluation, needs analysis, information systems, health systems, and health inequalities.

The international experience has regarded particularly the study and surveillance of behavioral risk factors for health, and the evaluation in health promotion. At this regard he has collaborated with several international institution and research centers (such as: CDC in Atlanta, WHO in Geneva and Copenhagen, ILO in Turin, POHS in Adelaide, Health Board of Singapore).

He has published more than a hundred fifty scientific works and has been in the scientific committees of several international and national congresses and meetings. He is serving in the Editorial board of several national and international journals and in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Global Public Health