Course Features

Language English
Hours 12
Type Workshop


Is it possible to distribute scientifically accurate information across digital channels? Absolutely! During the workshop, we will explore how to create content that’s not only scientifically accurate but also tailored to meet the informational needs of online users.

The key is understanding not just what users are seeking, but how they’re searching, and addressing their informational needs through digital channels.
The goal? To ensure the right content reaches the right audience on the appropriate platforms and is received effectively.

The secret lies in decoding and using the languages and formats of digital channels to build micro-content: from Google searches to Instagram posts, from classic platforms like YouTube to emerging ones like TikTok. The challenge Identifying and exploring key concepts one at a time, creating a unique narrative through a series of individual contents while remaining compliant with guidelines for regulated and ethical communication.


Laura Barberis 

Laura embarked on her professional journey in medical communication and dissemination, fueled by her genuine passion for the field. This led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Science Communication. Over the past decade, she has actively participated in Digital Marketing and Communication projects across several renowned Digital and Marketing Agencies. Specializing in providing bespoke consultancy services to Brands in different sectors, her expertise lies in analyzing social data and crafting impactful content marketing strategies. Laura skilfully bridges the gap between user needs and brand objectives throughout the entire lifecycle of digital content projects. Despite her primary focus on marketing, she remains deeply committed to sharing scientific knowledge through digital platforms with a wider audience. Laura is currently employed at a leading Food&Beverage company, where she focuses on developing communication and content strategies that align with marketing goals while adhering to legal and ethical standards.