Diana Sofìa Villa Munera

Sofía Villa Munera

The best experience about being a student in Scicomm Master was to listen and learn from the University of Trento professors. I enjoyed the lessons about the History of Science, Innovation and the Storytelling lab. For me, it was also an international experience and I met people from different countries and backgrounds. It was very engaging to discuss with them and to hear about their experiences. I enjoyed my internship at the Public Understanding of Science Blog, because I connected with experts in Science Communication that shared their knowledge with me.
Being enrolled in the master during the pandemic was also a great experience because COVID-19 was a challenge for science communication all around the world. I was able to learn from real experiences and share what was happening in Latin America and how it was different from Europe.

Sofía Villa Múnera 
Publishing and dissemination analyst at Uniminuto University, Bogotà (Colombia)


Albertha Joseph-Alexander

Albertha Joseph Alexander

Towards the end of 2019 I had drafted a plan to become a professional science communicator because this was an area I was developing a growing passion for. However, to develop my skills further and obtain certification I needed to study abroad in a face-to-face setting which was prohibitive. Therefore, I was grateful when the opportunity presented itself to receive further training in science communication via the SciComm Master at the University of Trento. The programme was online, the tuition fee was the same for foreign students and was split over two semesters; this was indeed a blessing. I was exposed to a wide range of topics, issues and skills in the communication of science and innovation landscape. The curricular internship was useful in helping me to engage more deeply with the content. I now have a library of tools to select and explore further as I dive into my scicomm career.

Albertha Joseph-Alexander, PhD
Managing Director at Mark De Moment Ltd, Trinidad & Tobago


Vicky Verena Rabensteiner

Vicky Rabensteiner

I publicize scientific research as part of my job role on a daily basis. Therefore, attending the Master in Communication of Science and Innovation helped develop my awareness of new aspects of public engagement including communicating from a personal and professional perspective, while customizing messages appropriately to avoid any filter bubbles. All this while studying in a supportive environment.

Vicky Verena Rabensteiner
Head of the press office at the Free University of Bozen, Bolzano


Rodrick Sambakunsi

Rodick sambakunsi

Enrolling for the SCICOMM at Trento University was the best thing that I have ever done in my career as a Public Engagement and Science Communication Practitioner.
The one-year long master provided an invaluable opportunity for me to sharpen up my skills in communication of scientific topics with emphasis on health research, which is my primary area of work, environment, innovation, and technology. The master program is designed in a manner that is flexible and is able to harness the students’ knowledge and skills through sharing of experiences, interaction with a diverse range of experts, group work and individual assignments, that complement lessons provided by experienced lecturers.
During our cohort, the program was delivered online, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As they say, to me this was a blessing in disguise, since the online arrangement provided me a significant advantage. The program commenced while I was away in Tanzania, a neighboring country where I went to receive specialized treatment at one of the hospitals in that country. As a matter of fact, I attended most of my classes while at the hospital, something that could have been problematic if the lessons were on campus.
As far as I know, I am the first person to attend this master program from this part of the world and it makes me feel special. I therefore would like to appeal to other Science Communication practitioners to explore this master if they would like to advance their careers in Science Communication.

Rodrick Sambakunsi
Public Engagement Manager, NIHR Mucosal Pathogens Research Unit, Malawi


Leilah Maier

The Master in the Communication of Science and Innovation was a very valuable experience for me. I especially liked its hands-on approach and the possibility to meet so many scicomm professionals who visited as guest speakers. Being part of a small group of students allowed us to go into in-depth discussions with our teachers which I enjoyed greatly.

Leilah Maier
Project Manager in Wissenschaft im Dialog, Berlin (Germany)


Vinay Prabhakar Minj

For a writer, it is imperative to feel the pulse of their target audience to effectively communicate the intended message. At SciComm Trento, I got to reinforce this notion. Courses around science storytelling, visual abstract designing and many more exposed me to the exciting techniques to communicating science. Moreover, the Master programme’s emphasis on communicating science through digital media heightened my curiosity to explore it. Thanks to the skills I gained, I look forward to conveying science in a highly engaging manner.

Vinay Prabhakar Minj
Technology Journalist at EFY Group, New Delhi (India)



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