Interviews are an important pillar of a journalist’s work. Mastering them requires skill, experience and often enough improvisation.

This course equips students with the techniques and mindset to turn their interviews into compelling conversations, and it delivers practical tips that they can apply right away.

Martin W. Angler

Martin W. Angler is a science journalist and author of the books «Science Journalism: An Introduction» and «Telling Science Stories». He runs science writing and storytelling workshops for professional writers and scientists.

He’s on Twitter as  @martinangler

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M.W. Angler

Science Journalism

The book gives wide-ranging guidance on producing journalistic content about different areas of scientific research. It provides a step-by-step guide to mastering the practical skills necessary for covering scientific stories and explaining the business behind the industry.

M.W. Angler

Telling science stories

A practical manual for anyone who wants to turn scientific facts into gripping science stories, this book provides an overview of story elements and structure, guidance on where to locate them in scientific papers and a step-by-step guide to applying storytelling techniques to writing about science.