Course Features

Language English
Hours 3
Type Workshop


Part 1: Creating Written Content with AI

  • Using AI in the creation of written content (e.g., generating articles, blog posts, social media posts, press releases)
  • Developing content strategies based on AI

Part 2: Creating Video and Image Content with AI

  • Introduction to AI for visual content creation
  • Generating images with AI
  • Editing images with AI
  • Creating videos with AI
  • Editing videos with AI


Journalist covering technology for several tier outlets (Forbes, Il Sole 24 Ore, l’Espresso,, La Stampa, among others), he is also among the founders of the movement Digital Awareness , whose aim is to promote a conscious use of the Internet, avoiding risks and issues related to security and to the so-called “information overload”.

He wrote five books about social media, privacy and content curation, and a chapter on the “digital cold war” for the Faster than the Future book of the Digital Future Society.

He was a Fellow of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism in Oxford in 2013.